We have both the experience and understanding to provide the necessary resources to undertake Retail Stores and Workspace projects. Our dedicated team of design professionals work under the corporate umbrellas of THIBODEAU ARCHITECTURE + DESIGN as well as its sister construction company PAN AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION INC.(PAC).

• Develop Communication Protocol
• Develop with the client a Facilities Program that will form the basis for the work at hand for short, medium and long term objectives. The program will include:
• A Needs Analysis outlining the client’s requirements
• A preliminary schedule that will serve to determine up-front milestones and critical dates for long lead items
• A phasing plan to provide a realistic delivery schedule per floor or spaces. Prioritize design/construction based on staff move coordination and lease expirations.
• A Probable Cost Spreadsheet that will be updated as the project moves from phase to phase with more precise data and specifications.
• Establish and maintain on-going communication with external stakeholders that will impact project delivery such as the Landlord, the Authorities having Jurisdiction.
• Liaise and assist the Client’s representatives
• Coordinate and integrate players and site activities
• Issue and coordinate contract documentation
• Coordinate and supervise the project
• Prepare stacking diagrams on a phase by phase basis.
• Implement total quality concepts
• Propose and coordinate project management information systems


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