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Searching for default passwords is a PITA!




U: admin

P: admin


Brother MFC-6490 (remote configuration password): access



Initial Screen session

This is true for Snow Leopard server install:

user: none
password: The first 8 characters (mind the caps) of the hardware serial #

Open Directory

user: Directory Administrator _or_ diradmin
pass: same as root/initial admin during setup



copied from Linksys PAP2 Useful these sites keep disappearing ;) Linksys PAP2 Useful Tips

This article was written as a quick reference guide designed to help you get more out of your Linksys PAP2 VoIP Adapter. Content is somewhat limited at the moment due to time constraints however I plan on adding to this page in the coming months.

PAP2 Factory Reset

WARNING! If you're using an unlocked PAP2 previously supplied by Vonage, your adapter will revert back to the settings from the factory after resetting and will immediately attempt to 'phone home', re-provisioning itself from Vonage! If you'd like to reset your PAP2 then re-unlock it, make sure that you disconnect it from the Internet prior to performing a factory reset!

Resetting your PAP2 to its factory default settings (often referred to as a 'hard reset') is done via the built-in IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu. To access the IVR, simply pick up a telephone that is connected to the PAP2 and dial:

* * * *

(yep, 4 stars) This will activate the IVR 'Configuration Menu' (you'll hear a voice tell you this) after which point, simply press the following sequence of keys to 'factory reset' your PAP2:

7 3 7 3 8 #

Funnily enough, the above key sequence spells 'R E S E T', followed by a #. You'll be asked to confirm your selection - simply press 1 to continue. That's it.

Mediatrix (1104)

U: admin

P: 1234


Known to work: 330,320 and 601


P: 456

Web interface

U: Polycom

P: 456


The password, to some extent... Press and hold 468*

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